Elizabeth Harper, CPA
Sobel & Co.
If you are a plan sponsor it is important for you to know that there are some new regulations regarding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...
Michele M. Leppard, CFE
Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support
Sobel & Co.
Many public and private companies rely on competitive bidding for the best goods and services at the lowest rates; however competitive bidders have...
John Mellage, CPA, Sobel & Co.
Chris Martin, CPA, Sobel & Co.
During the past years many well-respected brands have undergone significant consolidation, closing stores as necessary to maintain profits...
Kim Miller, Ph.D.
Certified Fraud Examiner
Sobel & Co., LLC

James Mottola, MS, CISM, CPP
Director of Forensic Investigations
Risk Mitigation Services, Sobel & Co. LLC
Our firm was recently engaged by a client to conduct a background investigation for an Executive as part of their executive search process. This...
By Elizabeth Harper, CPA
Ken Bagner, CPA, MST, CGMA
Sobel & Co.’s Employee Benefit Plan Practice is sending you this summary of recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) changes and proposed changes as...
Step 1 - The executor should get an employee identification number (EIN) for the Estate as soon as possible. This is done by submitting Form SS-4 to...
By John Mellage, CPA and Chris Martin, CPA
So the big question is this: is the newly levied soda tax good for the residents of Philadelphia? The answer, plain and simple, is 'that depends!'...
By: Mariana Moghadam, CPA
The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) ACT was passed by congress on December 18, 2015. PATH modifies, extends and makes permanent several...
By: Jim Mottola
Director of Forensic Investigations
Risk Mitigation Services, Sobel & Co.

Dr. Kim Miller, Ph.D., K.E.
Miller Consulting, LLC.
In order for a business to reduce risk associated with fraud, waste and abuse, it must routinely evaluate the many vendor relationships it relies...
By: Liz Harper
Member of the Firm
Quality Control
Employee Benefit Plan Audits, Sobel & Co.
Have you ever wondered if you are a plan fiduciary – or what risk you may face because of your role as a plan fiduciary?If you have not thought about...